PE Showcase '22 - December 5th - 8th

PE Showcase is the premier networking and educational event that has become an annual staple for distributors and manufacturers alike. Now, in its 6th year, Showcase is the place where you can go for:

  • Great networking
  • Unbeatable educational sessions
  • A much needed fusion tune-up
  • Short irons
  • Excellent Food
  • Should we keep going?
  • Cool excursions
  • Great music
  • Deep Dives

What does a typical day look like? Well, there is not a typical day at Showcase. But let’s give it a shot.

Monday, December 5th is a Training Day, so all classes are a minimum of 90 minutes and sometimes two hours. Yes, we do take a break at an hour. This day tends to be for the newer person, as the classes tend to focus on basics, taught by industry experts. It is also a training day where you can take an all day class and walk out with your butt fusion or EF card.  Monday sees a great learning environment, as there are usually no more than 50 people in attendance. Monday’s fee is in addition to the base Showcase fee.

PE Showcase ‘19 Event Video

Tuesday, December 6th is really a Deep Dive DayAll classes are a minimum of 90 minutes and sometimes two hours long. The day starts early and ends in Showcase Hall which is the official beginning of PE Showcase. This day sees more people, usually about 150, so there are more people in the classes and they tend to be at a higher level. The day finishes with the opening of Showcase Hall.  This year, we will also see artists working on your caricature! Tuesday ends with a series of excursions or events for dinner and fun. Check out the list in the excursions tab. Tuesday’s fee is in addition to the base Showcase fee.

Wednesday, December 7th is Premier Day 1.  Wednesday is a great day that starts early with a breakfast in Showcase Hall, and then Amster Howard talks about buried pipeline design. Peter Dyke also talks about the engineering program early. All classes are a minimum of 50 minutes and sometimes 90 minutes long. At lunchtime, the plenary (means everyone attends) session is when awards are given and the Alliance shares news. The afternoon sessions are incredible. The afternoon break is in Showcase Hall with some ice cream. The evening features a reception, with entertainment by the Poly Tones.

Thursday, December 8th is Premier Day 2.  The final, official day of the conference sees breakfast in Showcase Hall and several dynamic sessions before the annual meeting luncheon. Some people skip out on Thursday, but there is a featured session they miss out on and, as usual, the content is developed by over 20 people to address the needs of the industry. The event closes with the PE Alliance annual meeting where Peter Dyke discusses the results of the year and what to look forward to in 2023.

Friday, December 9th is technically not a Showcase Day. But, since many of us are staying the weekend, we decided to hit a few balls on Friday morning then play 18. They gave us a break on the fee and the course is darn good.

2022 Showcase Schedule

Time Room Session I Room Session II
9:00 AM Electro Fusion Level 1
Rick Ponder (Integrity Fusion)
9:00 AM PE Certified Professional
Alan Ambler, Peter Dyke
9:00 AM Butt Fusion – small dia
Anthony Alvarez (McElroy)
11:30 – 12:30 Lunch – Terrace
1:00 PM Teach the HDPE 101 w/const
Peter Dyke w/ two Cert Professionals
Top Ten Resources
Matt Haun
3:00 PM PE Vocabulary
Peter Dyke w/ Aaron Davey and 2 Cert professional
Machine Time
Dan Landy w/ Cert Pro help

Time Room Session I Room Session II
6:00 AM Excursion Hot Air Balloon Breakfast
9:00 AM Butt Fusion – Med Dia w/ DL TBD
9:00 AM Engineering Program Top 10 DataLogger 7
11:00 AM HDPE vs DIP Specifier, HDPE & Issues
12:15 – 1:15 PM Lunch – Terrace
1:00 PM HDPE vs PVC
Dusty Langston (WL Plastics)
Sustainability Panel
Ron Jones
3:00 PM New to PE – Hall Demos
Dan Landy w/ Kyle Risenhoover
AMA Panel Long Form
Keller, Kolasa, Ambler
4:45 PM Showcase Hall Opens – Craft Beers in the Hall
6:00 PM Jeep Sunset Desert Tour w/ cocktail 3 – 4 to each Jeep, slower moving
6:00 PM ATV Desert Buggie Drive, fast paced, singles or doubles
6:00 PM Engineer’s Dinner
Special Guest: Acclaimed Civil Engineer, Amster Howard
6:30 PM Burrow & Tequila Agave Dinner
Sponsored by Integrity Fusion

Time Room Session I Room Session II
6:00 AM Excursion Hot Air Balloon Breakfast
8:00 AM Sponsor Breakfast – 90 minutes
Great breakfast buffet
Engineer Program Update
Peter Dyke
9:00 AM Showcase Hall Open Network
Open until 11:45 AM
Buried Design
Amster Howard
10:00 AM Cold Weather Fusion Ops
90 min +
8 PE Installation Methods
90 min +
Noon Plenary Kickoff Lunch & Awards
1:15 PM Big HDPE Takes Over Steel & Concrete
Mike James (ISCO) Matt Danysh (Agru)
Issues and Messages
Dyke and Fink
2:15 PM What is a Water System
Alan Ambler w/ Cert Pro
Field Testing
Stephen Boros w./ cert pro
3:15 PM Ice Cream in Showcase Hall
4:00 PM 4710 Resin
Vik Rohtagi
Redneck Engineering
Moderator w/ Jeff Cole, Rick Ponder
6:00 PM McElroy Reception w/ Poly Tones Acoustic
7:00 PM Sponsor Dinner at Different Pointe of View
8:00 PM Poly Tones Band in DPOV Bar stage – cash bar

Time Room Session I Room Session II
8:00 AM Breakfast in the Hall
9:00 AM Showcase Hall Open Network
coffee in the Hall till 10 AM
Above Ground HDPE
Alan Ambler w/ Cert Pro
10:00 AM Current Events Panel
plastics, supply chain, Dell Doyle + 2
Showcase Session TBD
11:00 AM AMA Panel Short
Keller, Kolasa, Ambler
12:15 PM Annual Meeting Lunch
2:00 PM Board of Director’s Meeting (Tate Room)

Time Room Session I
7:00 AM First tee time is at 7 AM on Lookout Mountain Golf Course
We have room for five foursomes, join us for a full round of regular golf
sign up, put in $20 and we will have fun on this great course

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