PE Showcase '23 - December 4th - 7th

PE Showcase is the premier networking and educational event that has become an annual staple for distributors and manufacturers alike. Now, in its 7th year, Showcase is the place where you can go for:

  • Great networking
  • Unbeatable educational sessions
  • A much needed fusion tune-up
  • National HDPE Experts
  • Excellent Food
  • Deep Dives
  • Great Special Events
  • Poly Feud
  • Should we keep going?

This year the golf simulator is Back thanks to Strongbridge!  After Showcase Hall, take your pick of the bourbon dinner hosted by Integrity Fusion or the wine challenge hosted by Infra Pipe.

Wednesday, December 6th is Premier Day 1.  Wednesday is a great day that starts early with a breakfast in Showcase Hall, unless you made the 7:45 bus to the shooting ranges. There will be a raffle at breakfast . All classes are a minimum of 50 minutes and sometimes 90 minutes long. At lunchtime, the plenary (means everyone attends) session is when awards are given and the Alliance shares news. The afternoon sessions are incredible. The afternoon break is in Showcase Hall with some ice cream. The evening starts at 6:00 PM at Austin Ranch the stand alone venue behind the hotel. The McElroy reception begins at 6:00 PM, Dinner hosted by Pipeline Plastics is at 7:00 and then WL Plastics’s Poly Feud begins at 8:30 PM.

PE Showcase Event Video

Thursday, December 7th is Premier Day 2.  The final, official day of the conference sees ITS breakfast and a raffle in Showcase Hall and several dynamic sessions before the annual meeting luncheon. Some people skip out on Thursday, but there is a featured session they miss out on and, as usual, the content is developed by over 20 people to address the needs of the industry. The event closes with the PE Alliance annual meeting where Peter Dyke discusses the results of the year and what to look forward to in 2024

Friday, December 8th is technically not a Showcase Day. But, since many of us are staying the weekend, we decided to hit a few balls on Friday morning then play 18 at the nearby and really fun Dallas Cowboys golf course. They gave us a break on the fee and the course is darn good.

2023 Showcase Schedule

Time Session I Room Session II Room
9:00 AM M1 Electro Fusion Level 1
Rick Ponder (Integrity Fusion) ends 4:00 PM
9:00 AM M2 Butt Fusion – small dia (Card)
Anthony Alvarez (McElroy) ends 4 PM
9:00 AM M3 PE Certified Professional
Alan Ambler, Peter Dyke ends 11:45 AM
11:30 – 12:30 Lunch Windfall
1:00 PM M4 New to PE I – History of Innovation
P Dyke w/ D Mueller & Certi Pros, ends 2:45 PM
TBD M5 Talking Cold Weather Fusion & Inspection
Chris Weight, Alan Ambler PE
2:00 PM M6 New to PE II – Concepts & Vocabulary
P Dyke w/ D Mueller & Certi Pros, ends 2:45 PM
2:30 PM M7 Above Ground Installations
Alan Ambler 90 min class
3:00 PM M8 New to PE III – Machine Time Showcase Hall
Time Session I Room Session II Room
9:00 AM T1 Butt Fusion – Med Dia w/ DataLogger (Card)
Anthony Alvarez (McElroy) ends 4 PM
TBD T2 What is a Water System?
Alan Ambler and friends, ends at Noon
9:00 AM T3 Engineering Program Top Ten Issues
Boros, Landy, Langston
11:00 AM T4 Update from PPI
David Fink
 12:00 – 1:00 PM Lunch windfall (Lobby Level)
1:00 PM T5 Connections and Repair
Richard Kolasa, Cert Professionals, Garry Bouvet
T6 9 PE Markets Defined
Dan Landy moderator, Langston, James
3:00 PM T7 New to PE  – Hall Demos
Bob Haack, Dan Landy, Miranda Sions
Showcase Hall T8 Slipline and Pipe Bursting Rehab Methods
Alan Ambler
4:30 PM T9 Showcase Hall Opening – Craft Beers
Raffle #1 hosted by R&L, Pipe Burst demo, ends 5:45 PM
Showcase Hall Sponsored by Strongbridge International
6:30 PM S1 Napa Valley vs France: Wine Dinner Champanel Sponsored by Infra Pipe
6:30 PM S2 Bourbon Basics with Jay Finnigan Meritage Sponsored by Integrity Fusion TBD
Time Session I Room Session II Room
7:30 AM S3 Time on the Range
Meet in Lobby by 7:30 AM
Excursion Sponsored by Robar Industries
8:15 AM S4 Sponsor Breakfast – 90 minutes Showcase Hall Sponsored by ITS
8:30 AM W1 Showcase Hall Open  Network
Pipe Burst demo (open until 11:00)
Showcase Hall W2 Installation Methods Selection
Dan Landy & Friends (2.5 hour program)
10:00 AM W3 DataLogger 7
Mike Pacheco (McElroy)
Showcase Hall
11:00 AM W4 Advocate panel Showcase Hall
Richard Brand and friends, hosted by Peter Dyke Classroom
Noon S5 Plenary Kickoff Lunch & Awards Showcase Hall
raffle #2 Peter Dyke ends 1 PM
1:15 PM W5 Big HDPE Takes Over Steel & Concrete Showcase Hall W6 Specialty Applications: Plowing and HDD TBD
Mike James (ISCO) Matt Danysh (Agru), ends 2  Classroom
2:15 PM W7 Case Studies 7 X 7 Showcase Hall W8 Field Testing a Pipe String TBD
Various Classroom  Phillips / Ambler
3:15 PM W9 Networking in Showcase Hall
Raffle #3, Pipe Burst demo
Showcase Hall
4:00 PM W10 PE Alliance Award Winners: Learn from Excellent Showcase Hall W11 4710 Resin: Advancements with Purpose TBD
6:00 PM S6 McElroy Reception on the Terrace
Meet in Lobby for rides to DPOV at 5:30 PM on, raffle #4
Austin Ranch
7:00 PM S7 Showcase Dinner hosted by Pipeline Plastics Austin Ranch
8:00 PM S8 Poly Feud hosted by WL Plastics Austin Ranch
Time Session I Room Session II Room
8:00 AM S9 Breakfast in the Hall
Raffle #5, ends 9 AM
Showcase Hall Sponsored by ITS
9:00 AM R1 Showcase Hall Open Network
coffee in the Hall till 10 AM, Pipe Burst demo
Showcase Hall R2 Engineer Program Update
Peter Dyke with all engineers, ends 8:45 AM
10:00 AM R3 AMA Panel – Products & Processes
M Leathers moderator, Keller, Langston, Ambler, ends 10:50 AM
Showcase Hall R4 The Engineer & the Idiot
Boros, Weight and friends
11:00 AM R5 HDPE Resources with Thrust Anchors
Dusty Langston and Matt Haun
Showcase Hall R6 A Muni Project: evolution, design, bidding,
Alan Ambler PE, Richard Kolasa
Noon S10 Annual Meeting Lunch
Dyke moderating, ends 1:15 PM
Showcase Hall
1:30 PM R7 PEA Certified Professionals Program
Alan Ambler
Time Session I Room Session II Room
7:00 AM S11 PE Alliance Golf Outing
18 holes at the famous Dallas Cowboys Golf ClubWe have room for five foursomes, join us for a full round of regular golf sign up, put in $ and we will have fun on this great course
Cowboys Golf Club

Showcase Updates

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